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Is it sushi? Is it a burrito? Why no….it is a Sushirrito! Founded by Peter Yen and Ty Mahler of Roy’s, this little Asian-Latin fusion shop landed smack dab in the middle of downtown – perfect for the lunch crowd! Now I’ve heard that the line has been known to snake around the  block and I’m sure when your tummy is growling, it will test your patience. So consider yourself warned!

Since my office recently moved to the Mission and New Montgomery area, I figured I had better try a Sushirrito of my own. Luckily I picked the perfect day to stop in because a) it was the Friday after St. Patrick’s Day so I don’t think the hungover bunch was craving fish, and b) it was rainy and dreary out.

Now these burritos made of sushi (?) are made fresh, right before your very eyes. But once you tuck into your handmade fist-full of yummy goodness, you will know the wait was well worth it. I chose the Crispy Ebi – complete with crispy tempura shrimp, shredded crab, melted pepperjack cheese, avocado, plantain, avocado, cucumber, green onion, shredded cabbage and Sriracha crema sauce, all wrapped up in rice and seaweed. Yum! It was a little bit of a splurge with the tempura shrimp and cheese, but I just had to. I’m sure you are thinking “ew – pepperjack cheese in a sushi roll?!” but trust me, it is delish. Every bite that I took was good as the last, all the way to the very end!

My sushirrito

These things are HUGE so 1 is definitely enough. If you are feelin’ extra hangry, get some rice chips with salsa. Side note: they are gluten-free! Do I plan to eat at Sushirrito again? You bet! Should you try to it? Duh! Here’s proof that sushi can be fresh and fast. Also, I love that their vision is founded on ocean sustainability.

¡Buen itadakimasu! (my own little Mexican-Japanese fusion byproduct – thanks Google translator).

Click here for the menu. Sushirrito located at 59 New Montgomery Street, next to Crunch Gym.

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The Piggie Awards

Last night I attended 7×7 Magazine’s Eat + Drink Awards at the Ferry Building, in addition to Fifth Floor’s Industry Night. What a way to start out a week — amirite?! Here’s the link for your viewing (and eating + drinking) pleasure.

Not many words, but I was able to snap a few sweet photos with my iPhone 4 (I just had to throw that in there).

Second Floor, Ferry Building

Chicken burgers, gigantes beans, and lamb meatballs

Some tomato goodness

Nice little goodie bag --er, box!

My only comment: Why have a catering company do what the Piggie winners (read: restaurants) could do? Ah well, everyone deserves an evening off!

Oh I have to give a shout out to my mamacita & papacita for moving all my furniture all day — troopers to the max!


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Cuban Fresh off the Press

After reading San Francisco Magazine‘s piece called An opinionated guide to the sandwich, I became OB-sessed. What can I say? I’m a geeky epicurean. Or just a fat kid at heart.

Leave it to food and wine editor Jan Newberry and food critic Josh Sens to get this list right. Among the culinary delights sandwiched (no pun intended) between two slices of bread were the mushroom croque-monsieur from Sandbox Bakery, Anchor & Hope’s lobster roll, and the warm egg-salad sandwich from Cane Russo, I naturally gravitated towards Ironside’s Cubano sandwich (due to the close proximity to my office).

Ironside's Cubano

I love Ironside. It’s uber industrial chic and chock full of hipsters with witch booties and funky mustaches. Anyway, back to this sandy. Made with slow-roasted pork shoulder brined in orange juice and molasses, and layered with salty country ham, gruyère, chopped pickles, chipotle aioli and then pressed on a Cuban-style roll, this ‘wich is not for the faint of heart. But I am happy to report on the juicy, full flavor with hint of crunch from the cornichons. And I subsequently munched on fruit the rest of the day!

Side note: I upgraded to a caesar side salad, but to be honest it was not worth my $2.5 – stickin’ with the mixed greens next time!

Oh and for the complete list click here. DIE.

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South Beach bay-bay

This post is all about food! I recently went to Mijita at the ballpark and American Grilled Cheese, both in SoMa. I enjoyed both meals (separately) at my desk, which explains the sneaky copier in the photos!

The first was a combo of a “Taco de Pescadero” — Baja battered and deep fried rock cod in a soft corn tortilla with cabbage and avocado-cilantro cream sauce, and a “Quesadilla Mijita” — Fresh masa turnover with a mixture of Mexican cheeses, epazote and roasted chiles, toasted on the griddle. I was super into the quesadilla, but not a huge fan of the fish taco — however I can’t wait to try the chicken and vegetarian tacos!

Had to complete the experience with Jarritos (not a fan).

Second meal was at American Grilled Cheese where I ordered the Mushroom Gruyere — with fontina, gruyère, roasted wild mushrooms, gold potatoes, melted leeks,caramelized onions, and thyme butter. I had high hopes for this sandwich, but it just didn’t perform. I don’t know what it was, but I am not giving up! I have my eye on another sandy on the menu. Next time, I am definitely going for the full, not the small =)

That’s all for my food travels for now!


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Disclaimer: This post will be heavy with food-centric photos, and just might make you drool!

Last Thursday I had the privilege of attending the Dress For Success Gala at The City Club.  The mission of Dress For Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life, and the gala supports the organization by donating proceeds from the evenings ticket sales and silent auction.

The view from the 11th Floor.

Amazing female chefs came out from Fifth Floor, The Restaurant at Wente, Barbacco, Carneros Bistro, Gitane, and E & O Trading Company and showcased their goods. Champagne was flowing from Domaine Carneros, La Crema was pouring vino, and Ketel One was shakin’ up martinis for guests. Following the reception was the ceremony and auction, complete with a fashion show. Unfortunately I did not stay for the show, but I did get a chance to take a lot of foodie photos! Enjoy.

Fifth Floor's table scape

Ahi Tuna Tartare

Bacon-wrapped Chrizo stuffed Dates

E&O's Cauliflower Ginger Soup with curried croutons and micro cilantro

Carneros: Pork belly on crostini

Barbacco's house made salami spread

Gyuyere Cheese Balls

Fifth Floor's Roasted duck with zucchini and mushrooms

Strawberry and creme crepes from Wente


.....& Cakes!

Oh and we finished the evening up with one of these:

Punchbowl at Rickhouse


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Openings, Openings, and More Openings

I can certainty sense the recent recession recovery here in SF. I’m not sure what our current unemployment rate is (last I checked ~12%), but you’d never guess with all of the restaurant openings in the city. Last week, the long awaited American Grilled Cheese Kitchen finally opened it’s doors much to the delight of the SoMa residents and office dwellers alike,  although I don’t know who has time to wait in a line that wraps around the corner (which has been the norm everyday for the past 3 weeks). Let’s just say that on my next day off, I will be biting into the Mushroom Gruyère sandy with fontina, gruyère, roasted wild mushrooms and gold potatoes, melted leeks, and thyme butter.

Also opening last week in SoMa? The Dartealing Lounge which features 36+  teas and infusions with a menu showcasing traditional teahouse dishes. Nothing wrong with acting high society in an urban playground.

Here’s another one I have my eye on: Fondue Cowboy. I’ve never had fondue, but who doesn’t like the idea of dipping bread in creamy Gouda and blue cheese? And with extras like spicy sausage, truffle oil and infused salts, this place takes melted cheese to a whole new level.

The Mint Plaza seems to be adding more restaurant real estate with the opening of Thermidor. I love the Mad Men-esq decor Urban Daddy described — whatever happened to dirty martinis in the office? Anyway, the Lobster Thermidor, a baked half-lobster drenched with brandy béchamel sauce, sounds pretty darn appetizing (and like I’d have to run 10 miles to burn it off).  Since this a 1960s-era inspired restaurant and bar is right down the street from mi casa, I should not miss this one.

For all you Mill Valley/Corte Madera residents, I have to give a plug to Brick & Bottle. Chef Scott Howard is back in Marin slingin’ dishes like Duck Confit Pizza with caramelized onions with fontina cheese; Pimento Cheeseburger with cabbage slaw, chili, pimento cheese; and the Dungeness Crab Cake with saffron aioli, smoked bacon potato salad, and mâche (recipe featured on Tasting Table for all you at-home chefs out there). California Comfort Food never tasted so good.

And of course I saved the best for last, which would be Chef Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern in the old Rubicon space. Some people may have said he sold out when consulting on the Applebee’s menu, but he must be laughing all the way to the bank because that gave him funding for his first restaurant venture. Go Ty baby! Totally looking forward to the opening events.

Where ever you choose to spend your dough, you will surely not be disappointed.


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Lunch Fit for a Queen

I’m always on the hunt for a new spot to grab lunch at in South Park, which is why everyone in the office was über-excited for the opening of American Grilled Cheese. Too bad the line was all the way around the corner! Next time guys.

We did end up sauntering down this little gem called South Park Street, which seemed so perfect for a picnic! I was kind of jealous of all the moms on play dates with their baby strollers, and those web developers who can afford to take a 2 hour break.

Photo Courtesy

We settled on Caffe Centro (102 S. Park Street), and I got the Cobb Salad.

Cobb Salad from Caffe Centro

It’s not a surprise of what is beckoning me to dig in (notice the plastic cutlery) to this little to- go box — grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, crumbled blue cheese, sliced tomato, bacon (has to be Applewood) on a bed of mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette. But let’s be honest here: not many can get a Cobb Salad right. Quizno’s anyone? NASTY. So I am happy to report that my chicken was juicy, my tomato was fresh, my greens were crispy, and my slice of foccacia was freshly baked and soft. YUM!

In closing, I have to give a shout out to Kally! We are so sad she is leaving us, but know she will do amazing things at Blackboard Eats SF (coming soon). They were just named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Brightest Ideas of 2009, check ’em out!


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