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I’m baaaaacccckkk!!

Bonjour! Nice to see you again. And if you are new to join me, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve decided to dust the cobwebs of le old blog over here, now that I have my head screwed back on straight. I’m so ecstatic to be back blogging again! Many of you know me from my previous life, not quote an accurate reflection of who I am. I’m in the midst of a life transition, a “quarter-life crisis” if you will, and right now I’m taking time to find myself and explore new opportunities. Cliche, right? Well, a secret that I kept hidden was that I was not in the place that I was meant to be. The situation was not right and unbeknownst to me, causing more distress and imbalance in my daily doings that I, myself, wasn’t even noticing how it was affecting my health and peace of mind. Sometimes you need to snap your eyes open in order to lift yourself from the fog. I’ve been reassessing life, reconnecting with myself, and embracing this reawakening, both physically and mentally.
Are you my mother
And guess what? Things have never been more crystal clear. I finally notice the little old man buttering his muffin at the local cafe. The blue eyed boy chasing the peacock at the zoo. You see, before I was so caught up in my own unhappiness that I couldn’t pull myself out of the constant negative mind reel that would catch me off guard and interfered with my other happy thoughts, that’s where “the balance” became unbalanced. I’m a Libra…we’re all about the beauty of balance around us. Life is amazing gift, but you won’t really know that until you start living it.
I’ve finally started doing things that I never felt I had the capacity or wherewithal to do. I’ve never felt so free, happy, or emotionally and mentally light as a feather. Sometimes you must face the unknown to discover your true character.
I’m going to be updating as life happens in the same way that I did before…only this time I feel as though I’ve finally come into my own and matured beyond my years. It only took me 27 years, but I made it and it doesn’t stop here.
Like a phoenix rising…

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