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I’ve recently come to recognize the importance of balance. Whether it be work-life, going out vs. staying in for “me time,” or whatever your personal case may be, balance is key.

A while ago, I had noticed that life was a little off kilter…there wasn’t enough balance and things just weren’t right. I realized that when that happens, you just need to take some time to refocus on your goals and miraculously doors open for you.

Some ways that I work on balance include:

  • TRX – a sweat session not only works out your body and keeps you healthy, but it also is great for you mind! I cannot believe how happy exercising makes me – those endorphins are killer. Can’t wait to try SoulCycle and Cardio Barre.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast – I’ve heard it SO many times, but never truly understood the importance of breakfast until recently. There’s nothing like enjoying some cheesy eggs with green Tabasco sauce and your coffee in the morning before the day gets crazy and hectic.
  • Rising Early – I used to sleep in to late, however now my body automatically wakes up at 7am! I don’t know if that’s a blessing or a curse…but it’s nice to start your day early and carpe diem! While I’m on the topic of waking up…
  • Don’t reach for the phone the minute you open your eyes. Sleep is the only time that we are truly unplugged from our devices and you are probably going to spend the next 12 hours staring at your email/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, so take time to stretch and create intentions for the day.
  • Learn to say no. This one has taken me years to figure out. I was always the “yes” girl, up for anything and now I’m seeing that it’s okay to say no to event invites, parties, and dinners – and there’s nothing like a quiet night with your hot tea and a good book.
  • The world is not going to end if you don’t send this email/follow up with this person/etc. Yes, work and networking is important, but your sanity is also important.
  • Create Intentions – As I mentioned above, start each day with an intention in mind. What do you want to achieve? How do you want your day to play out? If you can dream it, you can do it

If you have any useful ways to maintain balance in your life, I’d love to hear it in the comments section!



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Why Being In Your 20s Is Awesome

Once again, Thought Catalog comes through with Why Being In Your 20s Is Awesome:

“I’m going to be a twentysomething because that’s what I am and all I know how to be.  And you should too. You should love every single moment of this hot mess of a decade. Chances are you’ll miss it before you even get to say ‘I’m 30’.”

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Twenty-Something Musings

Sometimes it’s tough being twenty-something. You’re trying to figure out who you are, where you’re at in your career, not to mention what your relationships mean to you. Things are always swirling around in that big noggin’ of yours. One site that I always enjoy is Thought Catalog. It may sound weird, but two posts that I’ve read recently have been so spot on that it’s been eery. Almost as if they are in my head. If you are a twenty-something [and even if you are not] peep below and check these links out — they are sure to make you think twice. Most I agree with, some I do not. But hey, that’s the point right? To make you ponder your existence.

20 New Year’s Resolutions For 20-Somethings

What 20-Something Has Their Dream Job And Their Dream Relationship?



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Crazy, Stupid, Love

If you are like me and lead a busy social life, then you probably hardly find the time or even let the thought cross your mind to go to see a movie. Catching a flick, however, is a great stress-buster and provides a small two-hour window for you to put your mind at ease. Because who is checking their text messages/email/Twitter/Facebook while sitting in that darkened theater? And if you are — shame on you!

Last night I attended a pre-screening of a movie called Crazy, Stupid, Love starring Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon. This is a romantic comedy — but do not fear, it is not a predictable, cheesy rom-com. Instead this movie offers lessons on love, trust, family and friendship. It comes out in theaters on July 29th, so run — don’t walk — and bring your girlfriends for night filled with lots of laughs and a few tears of joy.

P.S. Ryan Gosling provides SERIOUS eye candy in this movie with his hot bod, slick suits and bad boy demeanor. But don’t worry ladies, there’s hope because even this self-proclaimed ladies man settles down in the end.


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The Google Stalk, FWB, Gchat and “The Break”

So I’m back checking in with more fun dating chronicles of the 21st century. I feel like I’m a pro at this. If you have any comments, questions or additions be sure to add them in!

The Google Stalk

I know we all do it. I’m guilty. And sneaky. And I have no conscious. I’m a very visual person, so I like to know what I’m working with and I like to see the good, the bad and the ugly. Well let’s hope there is no ugly but nobody is perfect. Sure one could be completely non-existent on the internet, but where is the fun in that? Hell I know that guys will Google me and see these posts, they might know my secrets. But chances are, I’ve probably already Google-ed you. Neener, neener!

FWB AKA Friends With Benefits

We’ve all got ’em (well not me, mom). The good old FWB. They are the one to tide you over during your dry spells, they give you the attention you need without being in a messy relationship. Alright that is all I will say about this topic because it is drifting in a dangerously unprofessional direction. As if any of this is professional at all.


Gchat AKA Google Chat is revolutionary. Well I guess not revolutionary because there is AIM, Yahoo chat, and Skype but I feel like everyone is on Gchat. It’s awesome because instead of having to send an email you just chat them up. When you’re dating it’s fun to check in, share the ups and downs of your day, and say “I’m so excited to see you tonight!!!!!”. Well actually, don’t do that because you might sound a little desperate. Anyway, if and when the relationship doesn’t workout, then you’re stuck seeing that person on your feed. And this also goes back to my previous point in regards to email – if you’re gchatting frequently it will most likely dwindle to nil. And that can be awkward when you see the person online and you’ve broken up or are no longer talking.

“The Break”

You think everything is going well. You have good conversation, spend time together, there’s no games — maybe you’ve even met the friends and/or the family. And then comes the dreaded “we need to talk”. Sometimes that is followed by “it’s not you, it’s me”. Other times it is followed by “I need a break”. Wait, what? You don’t get a break. That’s not allowed. This isn’t a game (at least at this point), there is no such thing as time-out. You should have thought about needing your space before you entered into this relationship contract. There is a clause that says: thou shalt not ask for a break. With all of that being said, sometimes breaks work for some people. I’m not trying to bash you if it works for you but it’s not for all of us.

Good luck out there and happy dating!


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Who needs the Class of 2010?

Though this article was written over 6 months ago for MSN, entitled No one needs you, Class of 2010 by Joe Queenan, I still find that it rings true today. While some parts of it seem a bit extreme, please click here and read the article for yourself. My favorite exerpt is quoted below:

“Who’s going to pay for the health care bill? Gen Y.

Who’s going to pay off the federal deficit? Gen Y.

Who’s going to fund all those cops’ and teachers’ and firemen’s pensions? Gen Y.

Who’s going to support baby boomers as they suck the Social Security system dry while wheezing around Tuscany? Gen Y.”


The article is a bit of a rant, but it raises a few good points. I have many friends who have accepted a job “just because it will pay the bills”. Or I know a lot of people who have moved home after college (kudos to those who are lucky enough to survive on their own).

Now I’m wondering, as I’m sure many of you are, what do I do with this knowledge as a graduate of the Class of 2010? This takes some deep thought and meditation!

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Live and let live.

You never know when things may suddenly go awry. Last week, in the middle of my first week at my new position, one thing after another began spiraling out of control with an unemployed roommate. I will spare you the gory details, but in a nutshell, I had to step up and take charge of a messy situation.

Now I’ve lived on my own for about three years, but never in my life have I felt like things were so out of control with a housing situation. Like everyone else, my house is my security so naturally it has been difficult to focus on anything else. One thing I learned throughout all of this? Always trust your instinct.

It’s safe to say everything has turned around. While we are still working out a few kinks, it does give me extreme pleasure to know that I can remain calm and be strong enough to handle life’s little curve balls.

When I look back on 2010, I can see that my maturity has progressed tenfold. They say that you learn so much in every year of your 20s and this couldn’t be further from the truth in my case — I can’t imagine what the next year will hold!

It’s so cliche, but I guess the point of this post is this: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or better yet, Lemon Drops.


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