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Let the Weekend Begin!

So bummed I will be gone this weekend! I hear the forecast for The City is one for the books. Who woulda thought, on our first weekend of Fall it would be better than the entire month of June put together? Well, I guess that’s “typical”, San Francisco.

Anyhoo while mama’s away, the kids will play. So ya’ll enjoy your days off! Duty calls — I’ll be at a wedding. Here are some cool things happenin’ this weekend:



Here’s to not hearing your alarm for the next 2 days!


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Mi Padre Fantastico

Whew, what a fun-filled weekend! I had two days of North Beach Festival — one for friends and one for family. Both were good times! Yesterday turned into dinner at an outdoor cafe and singing contest.

But today was all about my papa! I don’t think he knows what a wonderful man is he is, but he should! Thank you Dad for always being there and being simply amazing. I don’t know what I would do without you! We walked around, got lunch in an outdoor cafe, and in true  Little Italy form, finished with a cannoli and some gelato!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!



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U Street Fair

Yet another day of ridiculousness in SF yesterday. The weather has been so crazy lately, but so far I see the pattern as follows: Monday – Friday (aka the work week): cold, overcast, and sometimes rainy; Saturday & Sunday (aka the weekend): sunny, warm and beautiful! That’s all good with me, because there’s nothing worse than sitting behind a desk when I’d rather be outside playing.

Anyway, I met a group of friends at the Union Street Fair yesterday. Boy, was it hot and crowded! Following the festivities (and a couple drinks later) we moseyed over to Circa for food. Not before a firetruck full of sexy bachelors said “hi”.

Street fair season has begun!

Sexy pants!

Stoli & Sugar Free Redbull--breakfast of champions!


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