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Movin’ On and UP

Whew – what a whirlwind month! Is it already almost October? I feel that the more time between posts, the harder it is to put pen -er- curser to paper and whip these things out! Well, not having an internet connection for the first couple weeks when you move into a place probably has a little bit to do with my lack of blog posts recently.

Anywhoo, enough excuses — time to get down to business. Topic? Moving in San Francisco. Now for those who don’t live in a big city, let me explain. There are a few things you will need to know about moving in The City by The Bay.

The old place...

1. You must figure out the parking formula for where you are moving from and moving to. This varies from place to place, but it always helps when you have a primo parking spot. My tip: before 4pm it’s much easier to find a spot — after, you may be screwed!

2. Be careful with stairs! Take it from someone who fell down the stairs multiple times, box in hand — this is no fun.

3. As I alluded to in the opening paragraph, set a Comcast (or AT&T) appointment before you move in. This always helps when getting settled in!

4. Furniture. Having furniture or having someone initiate the buying process is always nice, because it sure ain’t pleasant eating dinner in your bed.

5. Hire a moving company. No seriously, hire someone to move your s***. Your friends and family will thank you, not to mention your back will worship the bed you sleep on.

6. In the event that you do not hire a moving company, be very careful when driving a truck. “Accidentally” hitting a car or leaving your tail end out in the neighbor’s driveway doesn’t make you any friends. Nor does getting a ticket if you think DPT is feelin’ lonely.

7. Leave the drama at the door. Moving is stressful enough, without mental breakdowns and hysterical tantrums. While the blow up I had was entirely justified (I swear!) it does not help the situation. And if you clothes touch the ground, there is always a laundromat close by ready to eat your quarters.

...the new place!

Moving is an exciting time in the life of a twenty-something. It’s a time to explore a new neighborhood, break free of old patterns, and learn about yourself. It is truly a time for self-discovery — and I’m not gonna lie, I think I definitely have some OCD tendencies!


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Pretzel thins got it wrong

Alright someone needs to fire the marketing/ad agency for pretzel thins. I am definitely on a soapbox right now, but as someone who has suffered from an eating disorder, this ad is all bad. I recently saw it on a billboard while on the bus and it forced me to think twice. No matter the situation, “Are you thin enough?” conjures up an unpleasant connotation. Check it our for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

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The Piggie Awards

Last night I attended 7×7 Magazine’s Eat + Drink Awards at the Ferry Building, in addition to Fifth Floor’s Industry Night. What a way to start out a week — amirite?! Here’s the link for your viewing (and eating + drinking) pleasure.

Not many words, but I was able to snap a few sweet photos with my iPhone 4 (I just had to throw that in there).

Second Floor, Ferry Building

Chicken burgers, gigantes beans, and lamb meatballs

Some tomato goodness

Nice little goodie bag --er, box!

My only comment: Why have a catering company do what the Piggie winners (read: restaurants) could do? Ah well, everyone deserves an evening off!

Oh I have to give a shout out to my mamacita & papacita for moving all my furniture all day — troopers to the max!


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