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Summer of SoMa

I will be the first to say: you will not find me regretting my move outta the ‘hood. Back where I used to live (ahem, off of Sixth Street), I saw the worst of the worst — the runoff from the T-loin as I not-so-fondly remember. This is where I saw the San Francisco that I never want to see again. Let me describe it: people lighting up their crack pipes on the sidewalk, homeless people gettin’ it on in plain daylight…I was even the victim of a crime against humanity – a homeless man spit in my hair (eek).

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And it seems as if the neighborhood is turning more violent despite all of the efforts for redevelopment, as The San Francisco Chronicle reported last week.

Wall art at it's finest.

While some tend to pigeonhole SoMa as a dirty, industrial neighborhood South of Market, I am here to tell you: it is not all horror stories and drug deals! It’s true, there are some parts that you just need to avoid. But I’ve included a positive article by SF Station with a complete recap of the new restaurants poppin’ up in this ever evolving enclave. It totally breaks the stigma!

While you’re out there, check out Passion CafĂ©‘s rooftop patio or Show Dogs and their fine sausages. Be off my little readers and be fearless!


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