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flour + water

Another night, another phenomenal meal! flour + water hit it out of the park again last Friday when I was in for dinner. Chef Thomas McNaughton was in NYC that night, so clearly he can rest at ease while away traveling! The kitchen was churning out food with a perfect finesse.

We started the meal with a duck salad and then moved on to the marinated artichoke & shelling beans with tonnato sauce & bottarga. Following those two antipasti delights, we moved on to a cold calamari and melon salad with cucumbers, breakfast radish & olive sea salt. All of these dishes were light, bright and refreshing, and added the perfect balance of vegetables for the carbo-loading which ensued shortly thereafter.

Top left: artichokes, stracciatella, duck

Then came the corn & prosciutto tortelloni with chives, a delicious stracciatella scarpiocc with pine nuts and drizzled with balsamic and a cocoa tajarin with butter braised giblets, butternut squash & sage. All pastas were amazing, but ESPECIALLY the last one — it was so buttery and so rich, yet not over powering and I didn’t even think about the giblets that I was shoveling in my mouth.

Top left: calamari salad, corn tortellini, rabbit and giblet pasta

Lastly, the rabbit secondi was crazy out of this world. Chanterelles were stuffed under the little rabbit skin and the meat itself was so moist. Accompanying the meat was an array of vegetables, including turnips and little, lightly fried green olives. As far as I’m concerned, this dish was a keeper!

flour + water: if you can get a reservation, fab! Even if you have to sit at the bar or wait a while for a table, you won’t regret the time spent chatting up good friends and interesting strangers alike. Now I just have to finally try some of that Neopolitan-style pizza! I think that Funghi is calling my name…

Following dinner were two short cocktail stops at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen and Redwood Room, then foie gras ice cream sandwiches from Humphry Slocombe enjoyed on the steps of the Grace Cathedral. Can you say, divine?!



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