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Who needs the Class of 2010?

Though this article was written over 6 months ago for MSN, entitled No one needs you, Class of 2010 by Joe Queenan, I still find that it rings true today. While some parts of it seem a bit extreme, please click here and read the article for yourself. My favorite exerpt is quoted below:

“Who’s going to pay for the health care bill? Gen Y.

Who’s going to pay off the federal deficit? Gen Y.

Who’s going to fund all those cops’ and teachers’ and firemen’s pensions? Gen Y.

Who’s going to support baby boomers as they suck the Social Security system dry while wheezing around Tuscany? Gen Y.”


The article is a bit of a rant, but it raises a few good points. I have many friends who have accepted a job “just because it will pay the bills”. Or I know a lot of people who have moved home after college (kudos to those who are lucky enough to survive on their own).

Now I’m wondering, as I’m sure many of you are, what do I do with this knowledge as a graduate of the Class of 2010? This takes some deep thought and meditation!

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