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I’m not a surfer…

…but if I was, this would be my ride. If I could board you would find me jogging on the beach with a beach babe do (cue slow motion here) with this in my grasp. Yes, this is exactly what it looks like — a Chanel Surfboard. When your ready to lay down $9000 big ones, then this beaut will be yours! A girl can only dream….

This piece was part of the Parisian fashion house’s Sports 2010 Line which, according to Stylist Rachel Zoe, also includes a basketball, horse-riding helmet and skis.

Surf’s Up!

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This f*ing Gucci Bike

This Muni situation is getting to be too much. As many of you know, SFMTA, the managing company of Muni, made service cuts again on May 8th despite receiving an earmark from Sacramento to help with the deficit. More service cuts translates to fewer and far between buses, which means I have to leave earlier and wait longer to get to where I need to go. Now I’ve been living in this fine city for almost 2 years, and have not once owned a car. I’m not saying I didn’t need a car, because those times have definitely arisen. But to keep from paying $150-200 per month for a parking space and $100 for parking tickets, I choose to ride Muni.

More and more recently though, I’m beginning to wonder if I need to re-think this decision. Which is where the bicycle comes in. I’ve heard that you never forget how to ride a bike. But what if you never knew how to ride competitively in SF? I mean, drivers have it bad but bikers have it worse! I have seen 2 people get hit while biking; one was by a Muni bus. I think the scariest part is worrying about the right hand turn lane, or T-boning you with their car door. And to top it off I spoke with someone last night who told me and I quote, “If you ride a bicycle in The City, you have to expect to get hit at least once.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t like those odds! So while I may not be ready to be plowed to the ground, I’d rather do it in style, which is why if I were to get a bike I’d make it a Gucci Bicycle!

Photo courtesy: jezeerpar

This ride will set you back a cool $6,365.

While biking may not be for me, just gotta make sure you’re wearing clean underwear for that sexy firefighter who’s cutting your pants off. =)

And don’t forget your helmet!


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Spring Fling!

I absolutely love those new BR ads, don’t you? When I am a soccer mom, this will be my uniform:

Summer is less than 2 months away, I can’t believe it! The weather is heating up and you know what that means—time to turn in your black clothes for those fun, light spring prints. But if you’re like me, black is your wardrobe religion. So if you can’t give up those black leggings, I suggest trading in that black blazer for a perfectly cut white or khaki jacket. Not only will it freshen up your look, but you won’t get so hot while trudging around in your sky high heels (or if you are me boots) all day! Because no one can pull off that upper lip sweat.

Don’t forget your sunscreen doll, xo.

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