Cuban Fresh off the Press

After reading San Francisco Magazine‘s piece called An opinionated guide to the sandwich, I became OB-sessed. What can I say? I’m a geeky epicurean. Or just a fat kid at heart.

Leave it to food and wine editor Jan Newberry and food critic Josh Sens to get this list right. Among the culinary delights sandwiched (no pun intended) between two slices of bread were the mushroom croque-monsieur from Sandbox Bakery, Anchor & Hope’s lobster roll, and the warm egg-salad sandwich from Cane Russo, I naturally gravitated towards Ironside’s Cubano sandwich (due to the close proximity to my office).

Ironside's Cubano

I love Ironside. It’s uber industrial chic and chock full of hipsters with witch booties and funky mustaches. Anyway, back to this sandy. Made with slow-roasted pork shoulder brined in orange juice and molasses, and layered with salty country ham, gruyère, chopped pickles, chipotle aioli and then pressed on a Cuban-style roll, this ‘wich is not for the faint of heart. But I am happy to report on the juicy, full flavor with hint of crunch from the cornichons. And I subsequently munched on fruit the rest of the day!

Side note: I upgraded to a caesar side salad, but to be honest it was not worth my $2.5 – stickin’ with the mixed greens next time!

Oh and for the complete list click here. DIE.


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