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So today I went to a French event for work, which included truffle-making (the chocolate kind) and flammenkuchen. What is flammenkuchen you say? According to Wikipedia, it is a “dish composed of thin bread dough rolled out in a circle or a rectangle, which is covered with crème fraîche , onions, and lardon”. Well, tonight I tried it all different ways: with duck confit and fresh peas; with carmelized onions and bacon; with wild mushrooms; and with smoked salmon and capers.  Jealous yet?

The point of this post is not to make your mouth water. But it is to make a point about the French…French men in particular. I was speaking with the chef about the French and dating. Not so much dating I guess, but how the dating culture differs from that in America. Especially in San Francisco where we all know the so-called statistics: 2/3 more single straight women than single straight men blah, blah, blah (or so I’ve heard).

You know what this French chef said? I can’t translate the exact words but it was something like this: In France, men pursue women to the extreme and ask them “where is the avenue of love?”. Now why don’t men do that here?! Why is it so difficult to meet men, and why is it that they are so difficult to approach? I guess there is no answer to my rambling rant…..but I just wanted to put it out there, you men. I’m not desperate but  can you just be a little more approachable? Or can you just make the first move? Please and thank you. I mean, what ever happened to the thrill of the male chasing the female! We need some classic chivalry here boys =)

Until tomorrow cupcakes.


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Do the Tango

Have you ever done the tango with a stranger? You know, as you walk closer towards someone neither one of you can pick a side to walk, and you kind of shuffle back and forth?

For some reason, that has been happening to me a lot recently. Maybe it is my indecisiveness masking itself in other ways. Or it could be that since I no longer drive, I have forgotten “The Rules of The Road”. Whatever the case may be, it has caused some awkward moments with a few select strangers. Or are they really awkward moments?

As I’m on my way home from the Civic Center Farmer’s Market, a thought popped into my head: maybe this is just an opportunity to smile at a stranger! So why don’t you make someone’s day and flash those pearly whites? We all live in this big city but smaller cities alike, we could all use a little sunshine in our day. I know magazines and books and even your mother (hi mom) tout this feel good remedy all the time, but hey–even I need reminding too!

Until tomorrow, xo.


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Hello. G’day. Namaska. Salam. Koali. Mingalarba. Shorah. Hoi. Saluton. Hej. Dia Duit. Bojour. Kwe Kwe. Shalom. Aloha. Halo. Choni. Salve. Moin Moin. Tja. Marot. Hola. Konnichi Wa. Yow Wah Gwaan.

This list hardly touches the tip of the iceberg, but you get the picture right? I am saying “Hi!” to all of you out there. Welcome to my blog!  After many late night brainstorming sessions, and randomly asking my roommate for her opinion (Sorry Kresta – I didn’t go with Ashley Ashley Bang Bang), I have finally come up with a name:

spirit of the city

And now to explain the reason for speaking in different tongues. Well, the variety represents the spirit (if you will..) of my blog. It will cover everything: life in The City, new discoveries, food, drink, style, work, play, dating, fashion, places to go, people to see…and more! I will translate the musings of a (soon-to-be) college graduate starting out on her new path, and trying to forage ahead in this crazy world of grown-ups. I’m not going to lie; there will be ups and there will be down. So strap yourself in cupcake, and get ready for a wild ride! I know you’ll enjoy it.


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