Hello. G’day. Namaska. Salam. Koali. Mingalarba. Shorah. Hoi. Saluton. Hej. Dia Duit. Bojour. Kwe Kwe. Shalom. Aloha. Halo. Choni. Salve. Moin Moin. Tja. Marot. Hola. Konnichi Wa. Yow Wah Gwaan.

This list hardly touches the tip of the iceberg, but you get the picture right? I am saying “Hi!” to all of you out there.

And now to explain the reason for speaking in different tongues. Well, the variety represents the spirit (if you will..) of my blog. It will cover everything: life in The City, new discoveries, food, drink, style, work, play, dating, fashion, places to go, people to see…and more! I will translate the musings of a twenty-something starting out on her new path and foraging ahead in this crazy world.

These are the reflections of a not so average twenty-something living in San Francisco. The posts are random, they are fun, some maybe not so fun! I like to speak my mind, and I guess this is the perfect platform for that. Basically, I’m just trying to figure out this whole thing called adulthood. The training wheels are off now, so I can either fail or succeed. And I’m choosing success! So come along on this ride with me. I can’t promise it won’t be bumpy, but it will be entertaining — I’m not going to lie; there will be ups and there will be down. If you love The City as much as I do, then you should enjoy this blog! So strap yourself in cupcake, and get ready for a wild ride! I know you’ll like it.

Disclaimer: Yes, I do take pictures with my iPhone 4 camera. Don’t hate!

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