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I’ve recently come to recognize the importance of balance. Whether it be work-life, going out vs. staying in for “me time,” or whatever your personal case may be, balance is key.

A while ago, I had noticed that life was a little off kilter…there wasn’t enough balance and things just weren’t right. I realized that when that happens, you just need to take some time to refocus on your goals and miraculously doors open for you.

Some ways that I work on balance include:

  • TRX – a sweat session not only works out your body and keeps you healthy, but it also is great for you mind! I cannot believe how happy exercising makes me – those endorphins are killer. Can’t wait to try SoulCycle and Cardio Barre.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast – I’ve heard it SO many times, but never truly understood the importance of breakfast until recently. There’s nothing like enjoying some cheesy eggs with green Tabasco sauce and your coffee in the morning before the day gets crazy and hectic.
  • Rising Early – I used to sleep in to late, however now my body automatically wakes up at 7am! I don’t know if that’s a blessing or a curse…but it’s nice to start your day early and carpe diem! While I’m on the topic of waking up…
  • Don’t reach for the phone the minute you open your eyes. Sleep is the only time that we are truly unplugged from our devices and you are probably going to spend the next 12 hours staring at your email/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, so take time to stretch and create intentions for the day.
  • Learn to say no. This one has taken me years to figure out. I was always the “yes” girl, up for anything and now I’m seeing that it’s okay to say no to event invites, parties, and dinners – and there’s nothing like a quiet night with your hot tea and a good book.
  • The world is not going to end if you don’t send this email/follow up with this person/etc. Yes, work and networking is important, but your sanity is also important.
  • Create Intentions – As I mentioned above, start each day with an intention in mind. What do you want to achieve? How do you want your day to play out? If you can dream it, you can do it

If you have any useful ways to maintain balance in your life, I’d love to hear it in the comments section!


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You Are What You Eat

I often times write about food and my restaurant encounters, but I certainly don’t consider myself a food blogger [per se]. That being said, I realize that I am very fortunate for the experiences that I get as a twenty-something. But ask me to open my refrigerator? Your findings would consist of a tub of hummus, some salad greens, a bottle of white wine, string cheese and a bunch of condiments. It may be extremely slightly embarrassing, but that’s just how it is for me! I don’t have anyone to cook for and we (being my roommates and myself) each do our own thing in regards to grocery shopping.

I recently stumbled upon a website where photographer Mark Menjivar traveled around the US, asking people to do exactly what I described above — open their refrigerator door for a stranger. One person compared it to ” asking someone to pose nude for the camera”. As you click through You Are What You Eat, each photo is labeled with the individual’s occupation, city in which they reside in, the number of people living in the household and some random fact about their personal life. When you study the photos and read the captions, you can’t help but begin to formulate an image in your head of this person. One that I found particularly amusing was a refrigerator with 4 cartons of milk for a 1-person household with the caption: ” Is not very good at small talk.” So, an introverted fanatical milk-drinking New York gallery owner? It would appear that he really likes his cream cheese as well — there’s 3 large tubs of Philadelphia!

Take a peek and see what conclusions you make about these people based on what resides in their fridge — it’s part of a larger topic on our country’s food issues. I found it pretty interesting!


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Pretzel thins got it wrong

Alright someone needs to fire the marketing/ad agency for pretzel thins. I am definitely on a soapbox right now, but as someone who has suffered from an eating disorder, this ad is all bad. I recently saw it on a billboard while on the bus and it forced me to think twice. No matter the situation, “Are you thin enough?” conjures up an unpleasant connotation. Check it our for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

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Save the Drama for Yo Moma

Roommate woes are the worst to have–there’s nothing worse than fighting with someone you share close quarters with, amirite?

The hardest thing is when you diplomatically say how how you feel, and the other person involved is not mature enough to separate themselves from the issue at hand. We all have to feel comfortable in our homes, so I’ve put together a short list to help us all remember that we are not the only person that lives in this universe.

1. Accept that you are not always right.

2. Be mature. If you are not mature enough to handle conflicts, maybe you are not mature enough to live on your own.

3. Clean up after yourself, period. No one needs to tell you what to do, just do it.

4. Be respectful of those around you. Remember in SF walls are thin! And most of us wake up at a decent hour.

5. Replace the roll of toilet paper if you have used the last of it. Replace the sugar if you have used it all. Hey–replace anything that you have used the last of.

I know this list is short and sweet, but hopefully it will be enough to get you started!


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Cleanliness IS Godliness

What’s one thing I don’t leave home without? Hand sanitizer.. Yes I said it–I especially love the Bath & Body Works travel sizes. Let me explain why.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself a germaphobe, no siree. But I do believe, actually know for a fact, that my skittish behavior has developed in the past 2 years of living in San Francisco. Take this for example: Today while standing in line for the salad bar I see a man serve himself, pick it up with his fingers, and put it in him mouth–on campus at SFSU! I would expect a little more from you, mister. Believe me it took every fiber in my body NOT to tell him to get out of line. And you can be sure I avoided every tong he picked up (sorry beets and cucumbers, we will meet again).

Here is another thought to entertain: when have you ever seen a custodian cleaning a Muni car? Well, I’m sure they are supposed to clean those buses, but I don’t trust them to get around to it. Oh and here’s this fun fact: in a survey conducted in San Francisco in 2007, only 63% of men were observed washing their hands. Gross!

Just make sure you suds up before peeling that orange, cupcake.


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