Do the Tango

Have you ever done the tango with a stranger? You know, as you walk closer towards someone neither one of you can pick a side to walk, and you kind of shuffle back and forth?

For some reason, that has been happening to me a lot recently. Maybe it is my indecisiveness masking itself in other ways. Or it could be that since I no longer drive, I have forgotten “The Rules of The Road”. Whatever the case may be, it has caused some awkward moments with a few select strangers. Or are they really awkward moments?

As I’m on my way home from the Civic Center Farmer’s Market, a thought popped into my head: maybe this is just an opportunity to smile at a stranger! So why don’t you make someone’s day and flash those pearly whites? We all live in this big city but smaller cities alike, we could all use a little sunshine in our day. I know magazines and books and even your mother (hi mom) tout this feel good remedy all the time, but hey–even I need reminding too!

Until tomorrow, xo.



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3 responses to “Do the Tango

  1. Jim

    I’m intrigued, keep smilin’ and make their day!

  2. Ryan

    Such a good way to look at this Tango. It happens to me all the time and now I have a way to make it less awkward!

  3. linda

    I love smiling!

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