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Seattle: The Waterfront

On the weekend I was in Seattle with the weather being as fabulous as it was, the waterfront was such a sight to behold. It had cheesy restaurants and souvenir shops, a big arcade and of course, piers for the boats and cruise ships.

The ferry and Space Needle in the background!

Since Saturday was my day for sightseeing, I decided to use my Seattle CityPass for an Argosy Harbor Cruise. On this one-hour cruise around the harbor, I learned a bit about Seattle’s history and soaked up the rays from the decks of the boat. I didn’t know that this was such a busy port city! They receive goods from our friends in Japan and China, and distribute them across the United States. As our guide, Robby, put it – it’s the greenest way to ship imports. Watching the actual process of the cranes unloading the big barges and loading up the trucks was one of the best parts of the tour.

The biiiig cranes that unload the shipping barges

After the cruise, I walked about 5 minutes to the Seattle Aquarium. This aquarium packed a big punch into a space that spanned two full buildings. I saw cute little seahorses, an array of sea urchins, watched the fish and harbor seals swim above me and even touched some of the marine life – creepy!

While there were little ones running around me and strollers abound, this was a fun stop as a grown-up to indulge my inner child and bring back memories of my first visit to an aquarium. Touching the starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins was the best part!

Adorable sea horses

Fun facts: Puget Sound Hall’s heating and cooling system operates 25% more efficiently and the entire aquarium’s green practices include recycling, composting, solar water heating and feeding sustainable seafood to the marine animals. It’s always encouraging to see these positive steps forward and makes you feel better about supporting organizations like these. Thumbs up!

Beautiful pink sea urchins: sea strawberry, strawberry anemone, short red gorgonian

Check out more photos on my Flickr album of the Harbor Cruise and the Aquarium here.


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