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Seattle: Tom Douglas’ Restaurants

Tom Douglas, appears to have an empire in Seattle. Seems fitting for someone who has authored 3 cookbooks, owns 12 restaurants, is the chef for Teatro ZinZanni and even defeated Morimoto on Iron Chef America! There’s Palace Kitchen, Serious Pie, Seatown, Lola and Dahlia Lounge (to name a few). Since the later 2 were so close to my hotel, I decided to make them my lunch destination of choice on Thursday and Friday.

Dahlia Lounge

On my first day, Dahlia Lounge served as a welcome oasis from a 4:30am wake up call. Over a business lunch, I savored the Albacore Tuna dish. The tuna sat on a bed of green beans, baby tomatoes, fingerling potatoes and a dill-cream sauce. The smokiness of the tuna was perfectly offset by the sweetness of the tomatoes and the green beans served as the standard vegetable. I loved the various colors of the potatoes, which satisfied my starch craving. And the dill-cream sauce wasn’t too heavy but provided a complexity to the dish – I actually had to force myself to leave some on the plate. I just love that dill!

Dahlia signage

Dahlia Lounge | 2001 4th Avenue, Seattle | 206.682.4142


Lola, a Greek-inspired restaurant, was by far my favorite of the two. Sitting solo at the bar, I was waited on by an unbelievably friendly, accommodating bartender. Who ever said Seattle service was subpar?! I was going to go for the Lamb Burger or the Shawerma, but he kindly steered me in the direction of the Squid Kebab and boy was I glad that he did! This squid kebab was topped with a Chermoula sauce, which I’m told is a blend of cilantro/cumin/chile/lemon juice/olive oil/parsley. Yeah, talk about flavor central!

Squid Kebab

The little things were great here too. Jackie’s Greek salad? Just like I like it – no lettuce, only black olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, mint and a sprinkling of feta cheese. And the whole wheat pita bread was doughy and was perfect with the garlic-yogurt sauce. I heard that the made-to-order doughnuts are to die for, so it would be a cool place to check out for breakfast/brunch if and when you find yourself in Seattle.

Lola | 2000 4th Ave, Seattle | 206.441.1430

Verdict: thumbs up Tom Douglas, we will meet again.


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