You Are What You Eat

I often times write about food and my restaurant encounters, but I certainly don’t consider myself a food blogger [per se]. That being said, I realize that I am very fortunate for the experiences that I get as a twenty-something. But ask me to open my refrigerator? Your findings would consist of a tub of hummus, some salad greens, a bottle of white wine, string cheese and a bunch of condiments. It may be extremely slightly embarrassing, but that’s just how it is for me! I don’t have anyone to cook for and we (being my roommates and myself) each do our own thing in regards to grocery shopping.

I recently stumbled upon a website where photographer Mark Menjivar traveled around the US, asking people to do exactly what I described above — open their refrigerator door for a stranger. One person compared it to ” asking someone to pose nude for the camera”. As you click through You Are What You Eat, each photo is labeled with the individual’s occupation, city in which they reside in, the number of people living in the household and some random fact about their personal life. When you study the photos and read the captions, you can’t help but begin to formulate an image in your head of this person. One that I found particularly amusing was a refrigerator with 4 cartons of milk for a 1-person household with the caption: ” Is not very good at small talk.” So, an introverted fanatical milk-drinking New York gallery owner? It would appear that he really likes his cream cheese as well — there’s 3 large tubs of Philadelphia!

Take a peek and see what conclusions you make about these people based on what resides in their fridge — it’s part of a larger topic on our country’s food issues. I found it pretty interesting!



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One response to “You Are What You Eat

  1. Linda

    This is pretty amazing! I love the bartender with the take out cartons and did I see a frozen rattlesnake in the bench press lady’s refrig?

    Ok…this really now makes me want to go take a look at my frig! Great article Ash…

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