Private Tour of AT&T Park

San Francisco Giants! MLB World Champs! We all love ’em. ESP Brian Wilson and that beard — thanks Just For Men for giving us all a laugh.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to take a private, behind-the-scenes tour of AT&T Park, the park that the Giants call home (obvi), with my dad and uncle for the Spinsters of San Francisco Father/Daughter Event. What fun! I tell you, this is why I love being in an organization like this.

Anyhoo, us gals gathered with our fathers (and uncle in my case) at Public House before we met our knowledgeable tour guide. He took us into the park, out to the field (no touching the grass!), and into the dugout for some key photo opps. Then we were off in to the bullpen, locker room, and clubhouse where some sneaky Spinnies dipped into the red licorice. Hey, you never know who’s hand has been there! Could be someone famous. Unfortunately groups are only permitted in the Visitors’ area, but I still had a great time “pretending” that I might run into Posey in the showers. Oops did I just say that out loud?

We learned a lot of fun facts along the way as we toured the various levels of the stadium. We got up to the Press Room to see where all of the [reporting] action happens and then into the San Francisco Giants’ Museum. Did you know there was one in AT&T Park? Well now ya do! It’s very expansive and would make any die-hard Giants fan’s heart smile.

We concluded the evening with a delicious dinner at Town’s End Restaurant. A fun evening was had by all! Kudos to the committee that put the event together.

Another fun fact: these tours are available almost everyday except for a few select dates and they are only $15 for adult admission. Pretty sweet, eh? Click here for more information and to find out how you can tour AT&T Park to see where all of the magic happens!

Check out my Flickr set for all of the photos.



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