DDs, Muni, BART for NYE

The holidays are for celebrating with friends, spending time with family, and feeling that all around warmness that comes with the festivities. I’m here to tell you that you can have fun AND be safe this season! December is almost over and in about 4 days we will be celebrating the start of 2011.

Having a designated driver or alternate forms of transportation are not only important at this time of year, but they are essential year round. So don’t drink and drive!

SFMTA is offering free Muni rides on New Year’s Eve and BART will be running until 3am, so you have NO excuse for not getting home safely. NYE is a night of overindulgence — think sequin dresses, high heels, maybe too many glasses of champagne — but my message is this: be smart about getting in a car once you’ve had too much to drink.

Here is a moving, albiet graphic, video that TAC put together for it’s 20th anniversary. Disclaimer: it is very graphic.

Happy New Year!



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