Addicted to Grey’s

Rarely ever do I become addicted to a television show. I mean — who can afford to cancel all of their social obligations to be home, plopped in front of a television at xxpm? Not I. Well, usually. But this is a special occasion!

In t-minus 45 minutes the premiere of the beloved Grey’s Anatomy begins! Can I get an ahmen?! How about a hallelujah!

C’mon ladies (and even gents): I know I’m not alone out there. I’ve prepared a refresher course for those of you in need of a recap from last season. (Please note: these are in my own words, sorry ABC).

  • A crazy mad man terrorized Seattle Grace, gunning down nurses, doctors, patients and innocent bystanders.
  • Meredith found out she is pregnant with Derek’s baby.
  • Yang and Owen break up because he can’t answer if he loves Teddy or her.
  • Karev was shot — but that macho man will survive. And little Grey found out she is in love with him.
  • Reed died. She was a not a nice person and tried to barter sex for surgery, so boo-hoo.
  • It was confirmed (once again) that April is a bumbling idiot and should have STAYED fired.
  • Derek lives! Miraculous! After being shot!
  • Crazy mad man was a coward and took his own life over Richard’s.
  • It was also confirmed (a million times over) that Grey’s Anatomy is an AH-mazing show and the McDreamy/McSteamy duo will always keep us drooling!

Three cheers for season 7!



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