Rollin’ with the Homies

I apologize to all of you out there, but I am breaking from my usual positive voice — you are going to hear me gripe. Permission to gripe, granted!

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One of the things I admire about The City is it’s expansive public transportation system. An individual can get virtually anywhere using Muni and utilizing the bus or train as a your primary form of transport not only cuts down the amount of cars on the road, but you can bet your sweet ass it’ll save you headaches, parking tickets, and hours trolling the neighborhood to get a spot. While as of late SFMTA’s management leaves much to be desired, I still appreciate the system. Heck — I’ve lived here for 2 years, with no car and you can bet I’m saving a bunch on my car insurance by switching to Muni.

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That being said, there is much cause for complaint. Not only are fare’s increasing, but routes have been cut and while SFMTA claims it has restored some of its original cuts, I have yet to reap the benefits.

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Sometimes I wonder who is crazier — the drivers or the passengers. Early one morning during rush hour, I recall a driver parking the bus, yelling to us that she had an “emergency”, and running into a restaurant in Chinatown (complete with roasted ducks in the window). I’m a female, so I understand when you just have to go — but low and behold, this woman ran in to buy herself fried chicken! That’s not the first time I’ve witnessed a case of a disappearing driver. The best part is when they go on breaks: one fine evening I watched a Muni operator practicing calisthenics in the back of the bus.

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On to the passengers: in true San Francisco form, I’ve been on board with a chicken and no folks, this bird wasn’t frozen. It was alive! Apparently it’s customary in some circles to purchase live animals for dinner.

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Let me tell you, if a rider gets kicked off for one reason or another, they won’t go without a fight: while riding the historic F Wharves line, I witnessed a passenger crawl underneath the car and wait there for police in non-violent protest.

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There are many lines known for the crazy folk they attract, but you can never get away riding the 14 without witnessing a strange scene. Once I listened to a man rant and rave about Jesus and circumcision, and I hardly think he knew myself and those around us existed, let alone that he was on a bus.

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My stories are colorful and you can bet there are more where they came from, but I won’t bore you with all of the details. While I do complain a bit about the strange situations I am faced with at times, I do realize that this is part of what makes San Francisco what it is. What would be my morning without a flat tire on the bus? If there’s two things I’ve learned living in this city, they are to roll with the punches and have some patience.

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Now I think I have imparted enough wisdom on you all for the day; over and out!

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