Dancin’ till the sun comes up

San Francisco is a crazy place to live. Only in SF can you find an after hours party that goes from 3am until the sun comes up, takes place in a barn in the middle of nowhere and requires a password (a la Lindsey Lohan) to enter. Oh and we can’t forget the security detail reminiscent of a prison guard complete with combat boots and a machete (okay you’ve got me on the last part).

In a random barn, dancin'

In case you haven’t guessed by my elaborate detail, I recently attended said party. Don’t get me wrong — this is absolutely not a typical occurrence, but one of those things where you say to yourself “You Only Live Once”. So we took a cab out to the middle of nowhere and walked on a long, unlit road — and subsequently danced until the sun came out. Was I annoyed and tired, and forced to wait forever for a cab in the morning? Yes. But was it all worth it to feel like I was 17 again? Hell yes.

Play that funky music white boy....

Do I have a point? Absolutely not. Only that when life presents you with an opportunity, grab it and hold on.

Me and Christine


Sun, sun go away come back another day!

Who knew it would be so hard to find a cab at 6am?



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One response to “Dancin’ till the sun comes up

  1. linda hamik

    You are adorable! Great blog….once in a lifetime, yes!

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