Jumpin’ Out of a Plane

Oh man, I did not know how hard it was to commit to blogging everyday! But on to my new post — let’s dive in (no pun intended)…

Last weekend I foolishly decided to go sky diving. But seriously, I was so stoked to finally cross something off of my “bucket list”. And it was amazing!

The waiting around took forever. Word of advice for those out there considering this fete: go EARLY! We arrived in Monterey at 11am and filled out our paper work — and didn’t jump ’til close to 3pm. Sitting in the airport hanger and watching others take the plunge, well I almost chickened out. When I saw a guy take the jump my eyes watered and I hyperventilated. But finaly it was our turn. I strapped up and got into this janky plane.

Luckily I had a chance to talk to the pilot, who re-assured me he had been doing this for 2 years. Yeah, not so reassuring. Anyway, when we were up in the plane I was like WTF did I agree to do! But there was no backing out.

I jumped first — and almost chucked right before Iwe jumped, but what an exhilarating rush! I felt free, and like a bird. The whole thing was over pretty quickly. I will DEFINITELY do it again, but next time I will definitely get documentation that I actually did it.

My advice? DO IT! No regrets, no second chances. As Rhianna says, “LIVE YOUR LIFE”!

P.S. Here’s the deets: We jumped in Monterey at the highest your can sky dive: 1500 feet. Our approximate speed: 120 mph.



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