There’s something in the San Francisco air…

…. and it’s not just the fresh smell of sewer, although that is a good guess.

Nope–it’s Best Of season. Every year, be it by voters or editor’s choice, we are introduced to what’s hot, hip, happening for us urban dwellers. SF Weekly had their annual “Best Of” Party 2 weeks ago, SF Gate just closed the polls on their annual voting contest, and I attended the 7×7 Best of The City Party on Thursday night in Ghirardelli Square.

To their credit, there was a lot of beautiful people there — mind you, it was an “exclusive” party — and the electro band was pretty fierce. But here’s my major critique of the evening: when you have a Best of The City Party, aren’t you supposed to showcase the winners at the event? I guess 7×7 did things a little different because they featured the Ghiardelli Square vendors. Maybe it was a I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine type of thing for using the space, who knows. I was able to try the food at The Pub at Ghiardelli Square, and their Buffalo Blue Mac & Cheese and Pulled Pork Quesadillas were pretty tasty! Not to mention the “Whispering Waves” from Ana Mandara – lobster ravioli with mango and coconut sauce was fresh and perfectly crisp.

I’m not knockin’ the event because of the beautiful views of the bay (and the free Skyy vodka cocktails did help), but let’s just say I have a renewed excitement for San Francisco magazine’s Best of The Bay Party on June 1.

Mykella & I



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