Grad Weekend (Part Deux)

I know I said I would write about the 2nd chapter of graduation like, A WEEK ago, but here ya go.

The view from McCormick & Kuletos

So the food at McCormick & Kuleto’s wasactually really good. Calamari to start, then I had the Halibut wrapped in a crispy feuille de brick crepe with Dungeness Crab and Shrimp Mousse, a wild huckleberry sauce and leek blanquette. yum. Oh and a Exotic Mushroom Sauté — how exotic of me.

Mine and Aunt Terri's mini dessert

The views were AH-mazing. Watched the sunset, and had some good old family fun. After polishing off 2 bottles of Champs and 4 bottles of wine (oopsies) we headed over to the Ghrardelli Shop for some dee-ssert. Peanut butter chocolate square for me, giant coffee ice cream cone for Uncle Mike-y!

When we got back to the hotel Cousin Kai and I caught a cab to meet up with some girls at Medjool. They didn’t stay for long, but Cousin Kai and I had a great time. The views from the rooftop simply cannot be beat! In true SF form, I took him to The End Up — let’s just say we came, we saw, and we…left.

Me and Cousin Kai

Next morning we were up early to see off the Aunties and Gramma (well at least everyone else was up early, not me).  We drove to Union Square to catch the Cable Car. In true Hamik form, Uncle Tom pissed the operator off so much that he almost kicked him off; who knew you weren’t allowed to stand during the ride? Hehe, just kidding.

The view from the top.

In true tourist form, we went back to Fisherman’s Wharf. It wasn’t long ’til we were hungry. We hit up the outdoor food carts, where the food was so-so. The crab cake was the best thing out there!

Don't get crabby with me!

The real gem was Salty’s Fishwitch.  Fresh haddock lightly breaded with tangy coleslaw on a soft bun.

I Recommend!

We took the cable car back and –bam!– it was time for Kai, Judy, and Tom to take off! Another weekend well spent.



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