Family in da House

This weekend the Fam-Bam officially took San Francisco by storm. It all started Friday at about 1 o’clock. Mom picked up Aunt Terri, Aunt Dede, and Gramma Tess, then Uncle Tom, Aunt Judy, and Cousin Kai from SFO. Mikey and Angel rolled up sometime after. It was like a horse race–The Hamiks/Dunns checked into their rooms, and then we were off! First stop: Coit Tower.

Freezing up there!

Next Stop? Fisherman’s Wharf and Boudin Bakery for some eats!

The Clam Chowder in a bread bowl was a popular choice–after all, The City by The Bay is the sourdough capital of the world (or something like that). Unfortunately it wasn’t clammy enough for Uncle Tom, so next time the order will be “Clam Chowder, heavy on the clam”. At least the sun was out but it was was frickin’ freezing! Thank God we had a couple mini bottles of wine to warm ourselves from the inside. Next stop? The Golden Gate Bridge!

Where's Aunt Dede?

At this point, we are all freezing our booties off, but all in the name of a good picture, right?

Good 'ole Ging-Ging

Then it was off to the Palace of Fine Arts!

Where we did a little goofing around:

I learned you need to *bend* the knees when landing.

Fast forward to Saturday, of which graduation took up almost the entire day. Can I just say, it honestly seemed as if NO ONE knew what they were doing (at the ceremony, that is). I’m just glad I didn’t miss out; note to self: set clocks ahead for certain family members. Later on we had dinner at McCormick & Kuleto’s, and boy did we have a blast! Thank you again for everyone’s cards, contributions, and well wishes =)

I think this is enough for one day! Will recap more tomorrow, y’all!


P.S. I’d like to shamelessly plug That Takes The Cake at 2271 Union Street. Today at work I tried the Red Velvet, Keylime-o-licious and impeach my hunger-yum! These things were addicting and sinful! Check em out at



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2 responses to “Family in da House

  1. Ging-Ging~ Tess

    My Beautiful Granddaughter Ashley Ahgeline Hamik: I am so proud of you completing your Bachlors Degree in Communicaions this year! It was a rough year eh? But, you came through like a Champ that you are & I know everything that you chosse will be within your reach once you’ve set your mind to do whatever it is you set your mind on doing! JUST GO OUT AND DO IT!!

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