Break The Mold

In the Marina at sunset.

I’m sure you’ve heard it, but San Francisco definitely has it’s stereotypes:

  • The Marina – Douche-y guys/fake girls
  • The Mission – Hipsters
  • FiDi – Bankers/Corporate suites
  • Chinatown – Chinese
  • Japantown – Japanese
  • Castro – Gays
  • Haight Ashbury – Hippies
  • Russian Hill/Pac Heights – Yuppies
  • Nob Hill – Same
  • Tenderloin – Crackheads

These essentially are generalizations made about the districts in The City. Are these correct in their assumptions? Maybe. But does it really matter? No.

There is some place–bar, restaurant, shop, hole in the wall–for everyone. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but were holding back. Life is too short to only play it safe.



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One response to “Break The Mold

  1. What about the Richmond?? That’s just boring people, isn’t it..

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