Markets, Markets, How I Love The Markets

What another fun-filled, fab day in The City! I am always saying how much I love the farmer’s market, so I thought it was the perfect time to share some photos with you all, especially with the weather changing and the spring vegetables coming into season.

Today I went to the Civic Center Market–not my fav, but hey it’s close by. Here’s to hoping that someday they will start using bio bags!

The View from The Top, of Civic Center that is.

Look at all that Asparagus, $2 a bunch!

And the Strawberries!

Can't forget the Cherries...

Fava beans are in season too!

These guys have the best mushrooms; oysters, shiitake, portobellos, you name it.

Don't you just love the color of the cauliflower?

...and a shot of the chicken. Who knew they were so smelly!

I was going to put more pics up from the other market I went to tonight, but I think this may be enough for this post. =)


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