Excite your passion!

I want to talk about passion. No not the type you have in between the sheets (y’all have dirty minds), but the thing that is the driving factor in your life. You know, whatever it is you think about right before you turn out for the night, and that pops into your head the moment you wake up.

Have you figured out your true calling? What really makes your blood pump and gives you goosebumps? Once I thought I knew exactly what my true calling was….isn’t amazing how things change as the years go by? Boy am I glad I never got that Tinkerbell tattoo….

Could you picture this on my behind? I think not...

You know what I’ve realized? Maybe it’s okay not to exactly have a plan for yourself. I mean, it’s nice to have an outline but there are so many amazing things you can do with you life. And the beauty is that if you don’t absolutely love what you do, you can always start over!

My first love....don't make fun!

But the take home point for tonight? Have passion for whatever it is you do, and never give up your drive to do what you love.

If all else fails, maybe I’ll go back to cheerleading =)



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