Cinco de Drinco

Last night, I celebrated Cinco de Mayo the right way: margaritas, mariachi, and a sombrero. When in Rome….I never did get that taco, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject. =)

Gracias to the gentlemen who took care of the rounds…they are somewhere out there, probably watching the news curled up to their wives. Yes, I said it–these winners were married. Now ladies next time your “husband” is out with the boys, consider this: he may be buying me a drink. It sounds bad and I am not a homewrecker, but it’s these guys! What is wrong with people in Man Francisco? I agree with what someone said to me today, that this city is big enough so people think they can get away with infidelity. But honestly, is it so difficult to have eyes for one woman, and one woman only? Jeeze.

I’ll just be frank. I think the most annoying thing is just that I wasted my time. I mean, who tries to casually slip in “by the way I’m married”. Are they thinking after a few drinks it won’t matter or we somehow might not notice? We will, and when we do we will turn to the guy on our other side and put the next drink on his tab. =)


P.S. Pics will follow!


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