Cleanliness IS Godliness

What’s one thing I don’t leave home without? Hand sanitizer.. Yes I said it–I especially love the Bath & Body Works travel sizes. Let me explain why.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself a germaphobe, no siree. But I do believe, actually know for a fact, that my skittish behavior has developed in the past 2 years of living in San Francisco. Take this for example: Today while standing in line for the salad bar I see a man serve himself, pick it up with his fingers, and put it in him mouth–on campus at SFSU! I would expect a little more from you, mister. Believe me it took every fiber in my body NOT to tell him to get out of line. And you can be sure I avoided every tong he picked up (sorry beets and cucumbers, we will meet again).

Here is another thought to entertain: when have you ever seen a custodian cleaning a Muni car? Well, I’m sure they are supposed to clean those buses, but I don’t trust them to get around to it. Oh and here’s this fun fact: in a survey conducted in San Francisco in 2007, only 63% of men were observed washing their hands. Gross!

Just make sure you suds up before peeling that orange, cupcake.



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