<3 SF

Hello there!

I apologize for missing a day yesterday, I was just not with it. But not to worry! I’m back. So it was a typical weekend for me….breakfast, long walk, farmer’s market…oh and my parents came to visit this afternoon! Usually I have this aversion to going anywhere tourist-y, but they ended up dragging me to Fisherman’s Wharf and we ate at Alioto’s.  Now I am not complaining! (It was actually my suggestion.) There is something about being around all those crowds; I just felt like such a…local. =)

And that makes me happy! I would never be more proud to say I was a local anywhere but good ole’ San Francisco. AND I might add that I don’t know any other local (other than myself) who reads all of the visitor publications and wants to actually do all of the tourist-y things (Buena Vista Irish Coffee anyone?). I’m enamored with SF; Bushman and all! I love all the crab, the smell of fresh sourdough, oh and we can’t forget the peek into Hooters. But no one was lookin’ right?!  Just wanted to share one of the beautiful moments I’ve had up near Grace Cathedral:

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.



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